Library Foundation Projects

The Map That Changed the World: Uncovering Earth’s History

The Library Foundation along with the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library recently embarked on the first in a series of exhibitions that highlights the Rare Book Collection of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. On display was William Smith’s map, Delineations of the Strata of England and Wales, with part of Scotland..., one of the few surviving original maps completed by Smith in 1815, in addition to his four completed volumes of prints, titled, Strata Identified by Organized Fossils, that he had published from 1816-1819 that identified strata by fossil and have the odd conceit of being color coded to match the corresponding tint of the strata on his map. These original volumes are extremely rare, with only eleven known copies documented in the United States. In addition, the Rare Book Room exhibited some preliminary prints done by James Sowerby (engraver and printer of Smith’s Strata Identified) with actual handwritten notes.

In addition to Smith’s work, other geological treasures from the Rare Book Room were displayed, including Georg Agricola De re metalica (1556), one of the earliest printed works on the topics of mining and metallurgy; De solido intra solidum naturaliter (1669), published by Nicholas Steno, considered the foundation for geology, paleontology, and crystallography; and James Hall’s Geology of New York (1842-1843), one of the earliest comprehensive works on the geology of New York State. To be in possession of such rare and influential records and to have had the ability to display and raise awareness of this remarkable time in history was a truly unique and fortunate opportunity.

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Digicon donates 300 copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to the Erie County Library System

Through the tireless efforts of the Library Foundation, Digicon Imaging, Inc. donated 300 copies of the new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to the 52 branches of the Erie County Library System earlier this year. This is the first time that a company has sponsored a book acquisition for the entire library system.

Without the work of the Foundation in coordinating this donation, the Erie County Library System would not have the budget to fund this title which is expected to be the most widely purchased book in 2005.

Its All About Reading Partnership

Initiated by the Foundation, this collaboration is dedicated to supporting ideas, sharing solutions, and strengthening leadership to improve student reading. This first time venture between public and school librarians and educators brought together a host of local entities, including: the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, Buffalo Alliance for Education, Erie 1 BOCES, Erie 2 BOCES, the Buffalo News in Education, and Buffalo Public Schools. This joint endeavor developed innovative ways for local educational institutions to:

Collaborate and benefit on author visits;

Select book titles that inspire kids;

Coordinate summer reading lists and programs;

And share resources between public and school libraries.

Tune In @ Your Library

Underwritten by Bank of America through the Library Foundation, this system wide summer reading program’s main objective is to encourage children to read books during their summer break. New York State Education Department statistics reveal “significant learning losses occur during the summer when children do not read, especially among children in lower income families.” The Foundation believes that reading and learning should not be confined to the classroom during the school year, but should become an integral part of children’s everyday lives.

Perry’s Cool Summer Program

Underwritten by Perry’s Ice Cream through the Library Foundation, this urban reading program takes a hands-on approach to reading. Caregivers, parents, and families are encouraged to read to and with children through interactive literature-based activities, including visits from storytellers and cold-blooded reptiles.

Battle of the Books

Underwritten by the Dorothy Worth Janis Memorial Fund through the Library Foundation and with the help of and the New York State Statewide Summer Reading Program, the Battle of the Books Trivia Competition is an annual event that brings together over 300 students in grades 6-9 to be quizzed on books they read during the summer months. Over 25 teams representing over 25 Erie County Libraries compete. The program is designed to enthusiastically involve young people in reading quality literature, while providing competitive book discussion in a fun and entertaining arena.